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Extensive Music Promotion & Production

Male and female artists 18 years or older should utilize the expertise of my team specializing in music promotion, music production, and song writing at Lavish Lifestyle Entertainment in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Artists I generally work with promote hip-hop and R&B music, but I'm open to other genres as well. Pricing factors and cost is determined solely on your needs.
Strategic Promotion
Let your song or voice be heard when you have my team promote your music to the masses. I make sure to utilize every means of advertising including fliers, posters, social networks, websites, traditional media, and more.

Production Services
Bring your song to life with mixing and mastering through our powerful equipment. In addition, my team is able to recording songs on top of an existing beat or by making the instrument tracks.
Become a Featured Artist
Making yourself a featured artist on a song is excellent for exposure as well as to build your portfolio. Speak to me directly to discuss which project would best suit you.

Promotion Artwork

Event & Show Booking
Performing for an audience is the best way to build a reputation in the industry. Rely on my professionalism, network, and dedication to your success to get you into great shows.

Contact me today to learn why successful artists never overlook something as important as music production and strategic promotion.